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Merknad: (Long Distance Racing)

Meget slitesterkt og fleksibelt pulver, utviklet for langløp.  Innh. 30 gr.
Vauhti’s latest innovation, LDR powder, is designed specifically for long distance races (LDR) and events. During long events temperatures can vary dramatically. For example, the morning subfreezing conditions can change to above freezing. LDR powder’s ability to react to wide temperature fluctuations is phenomenal, along with its resistance to abrasion, makes it a trendsetter.

This coating’s ability to react to wide variations in conditions puts it in a class of its own. LDR glides exceptionally well at slower speeds, but reaches its best performance as the pace and distance increase.
• All snow types, especially in old and man-made snow from cold to humid conditions. Many World Championship and World Cup starts in these condition tells something about the performance of this product!
• Excellent powder for all kinds of general use, whatever the conditions or distances.
• Suitable for recreational skiers and juniors as all-purpose powder to be used through winter.